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    If they show sports events at bars why don’t they show tv shows?

    someone should get to making a fandom bar.

    no but can you imagine? fandom themed drinks, tv show maraton nights, discount to cosplayers, and special season finale events.



  2. reblog if girls are cute and you are afraid

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    To Mr. Logicd





    You’re gonna fight me? Good. You don’t even know what you just to yourself into. I have tons of aggression, and tons of pent up rage,…


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    a serious problem in our community

    please signal boost so we can find the culprit and bring her to justice

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  5. You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Weed Properly

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    *logs off*



    oh my goshhhhh sometimes i love cards against humanity 


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    when they say the name of the movie in the movie


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  8. "Being born a woman is an awful tragedy. Yes, my consuming desire to mingle with road crews, sailors and soldiers, bar room regulars—to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording—all is spoiled by the fact that I am a girl, a female always in danger of assault and battery. My consuming interest in men and their lives is often misconstrued as a desire to seduce them, or as an invitation to intimacy. Yet, God, I want to talk to everybody I can as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night."

    Sylvia Plath

    fuck every single time that last line gets quoted without the rest

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    Because the rest makes it fucking ridiculous

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    So I was out shopping today when I passed an Aerie store. My cousin pointed out that the butt in the photo huge advertisement (second photo) had stretch marks. I was confused. After second look I realized that there were stretch marks. “Wow!” I thought, “I can’t believe they didn’t airbrush that out!” I wanted to take a picture but there were people sitting on a bench in view of it, so I decided to to go in and find the picture. Much to my surprise, she was not the only one displaying imperfections! Their slogan is “The real you is sexy.” In amazement I took pictures throughout the store. I’m sure they thought I was a creep but that didn’t stop me. I had to pass this along to those who haven’t seen it. My question is, how isn’t this a bigger deal? Am I weird for thinking this is so awesome? I even made a point to say “Wow, I have to take a picture of this, that could be me!” A sales associates just chuckled. But little did she know I was so serious.

    I think this is awesome!!!



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    (IF you can’t read it)

    >Go on a date with girl

    >Take her to nice restarant

    >She orders a shrimp cocktail and several drinks

    >Ask for the check

    >The waiter places the check in front of me, not in front of her, not in the middle of the table

    >Look of horror comes across the girl’s face

    >I reach for the check and place my credit card inside.

    >She begins to tremble

    >Tears well up in her eyes

    >I can tell she is paralyzed by fear at the oppression she is experiencing

    >I chauvinistically place the check with my credit card on the table in front of me, daring her to do something about it.

    >The power of my oppression of this woman surges through my body as I lean back in my seat and stare directly at her.

    >She is shaking with fright, the oppression strangling her voice away

    >The waiter returns to take the check away

    >All is lost to her now

    >Men at other tables begin to stand up and clap

    >Women all over the restaurant begin to shriek and cry

    >I feel my erect penis lift the tablecloth in front of me

    >I ask my date, “Did you enjoy your dinner?”

    >”Y-yes…thank you” she says behind a mask of tears.

    >I lean forward, a devious, patriarchal smile spreading across my face

    >And I tell her, “It was my privilege.”


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    Before the availability of the tape recorder and during the 1950s, when vinyl was scarce, people in the Soviet Union began making records of banned Western music on discarded x-rays. With the help of a special device, banned bootlegged jazz and rock ‘n’ roll records were “pressed” on thick radiographs salvaged from hospital waste bins and then cut into discs of 23-25 centimeters in diameter. “They would cut the X-ray into a crude circle with manicure scissors and use a cigarette to burn a hole,” says author Anya von Bremzen. “You’d have Elvis on the lungs, Duke Ellington on Aunt Masha’s brain scan — forbidden Western music captured on the interiors of Soviet citizens.”


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    Powerpuff Girls was actually a show about a group of small children crushing the patriarchy and no one will convince me otherwise

    Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise obviously wasn’t watching the same show.

    The original joke was meant to be obvious and ridiculous sarcasm but okay whatever take it seriously I guess

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  15. "One of my philosophy professors lectured wildly about love once, yelling: “When you’re in love with someone, that person is the lighthouse of your universe.” (I scrawled it inside Science and Poetry in pencil—lighthouse of your universe—as if I would ever forget that phrase.) He was a delightful caricature of his position. I could swear he literally tore his hair out while howling at us. He went on, “Nothing means as much without that person.” One of the men in the class repeated, incredulous, half-laughing, “So you’re saying you can’t enjoy, like, a vacation, without someone if you’re really in love with them?” “Of course not.” the professor replied. “Not completely. You recognize beauty, but beauty means less if they don’t witness it with you. Beauty is less. You see something sublime and your first thought is that they should be there with you. It’s not as good without them. They illuminate. They make everything more.”"
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